Orla kiely laminated canvas bag owners

  1. hello!

    I really like the sling bag styles (so practical!) and have recently purchased one of her vinyl bags but every time I wear it with jeans the colour rubs off onto the bag. Just wondered if the same problem occurs with the laminated canvas bags and if it does, does it wipe off easily?
  2. I've never had it happen with the laminated bags - I think the coating must give protection.
  3. Thanks sarajane. The vinyl bag is matt ( almost looks like fake leather) and isn't a totally smooth surface so think that might be why it's so prone.
  4. I have the laminated Tate Museum bag and have never had that problem with it. It's one of my favorite bags!
  5. Id Ring one of her shops and talk to them?
  6. Thnaks everyone!
  7. Ive got 4 of the laminated canvas bags and Ive never had a problem either. Also they are very durable, hard wearing and still look like new even after a lot of use, I would definately recommend them!
  8. Thanks for that- i may e-bay my vinyl one and get one of the laminated canvas sling bags instead!