Orion Noth: Chris Noth’s Baby Boy

  1. Mr. Big is now a Big Daddy!
    Sex and the City star Chris Noth’s longtime girlfriend Tara Wilson gave birth to a baby boy on Friday.
    Orion Christopher Noth was born in Los Angeles and weighed 7 lbs., 10 oz.
    “I am happy to confirm that Chris Noth and Tara Wilson are the proud parents of a happy and healthy baby boy,” Noth’s rep said in a statement.
    Noth and Wilson met while she was working at his New York bar, the Cutting Room.
  2. Definitely a Celeb Baby Boom!!
  3. how nice! congrats to them!
  4. I just finished a book last night where the main character's name was Orion!
  5. yay!

    I love Mr. Big. =)
  6. Nice news and I don't mean to be nasty, but Orion Noth? Did they say those names together?:sad:
  7. Interesting name, good luck to them and congrats!
  8. Thought Orion was the name of a condom brand.... My bad....
  9. Not fan of the name, but I'm sure the baby'll be cute.
  10. Good news ! I am happy for them.
  11. ahh Mr Big has a baby big.

    Congrats to them all :smile:
  12. Interesting couple. When I first saw her, i thought they had mistakenly posted a pic of him and a fan. lol
  13. yay for them...I LOVE him!
  14. Awesome news. Congrats to them!
  15. he'll always be Mr. Big =)