Origins v. Philosophy Skincare

  1. I've been using the Origins skincare line for a little over a year now, and I haven't had any problems. I have however, noticed that my skin sometimes gets too dry, though, and I am looking to change products/brands. Has anyone tried Philosophy's skincare line? I have been reading up on it, and it sounds great. What are your experiences and/or opinions on the line?
  2. I tried origins last year and did not really care for it. I just bought Philosophy and like it alot. I have very dry skin and Hope in a Jar for sensitive skin is excellent. You could always buy the travel size to see how you like it.
  3. I've been using Origins for about 4 or 5 months and I like it, especially Modern Friction. But I have breakouts pretty regularly and I've heard a lot of good things about Philosophy so I am thinking about trying that when I run out of the cleanser and moisturizer I have now.
  4. I use Philosophy Purity Cleanser and really like it. Hope in a Jar irritated my eyes, even though I avoided my eye area, the fragrance still bothered me. I really like their oxygen and vitamin c peels.
  5. yeah I read a post by someone that said the philosophy hope in a jar smelled like burnt barbie dolls haha!! it doesn't smell great, but it works so well I put up with it. the scent goes away in seconds and I wash my hands after. I use everything in the makeup optional kit, I've been using it for about 3 months now and love it!
  6. I use to buy Origins products all the time till they closed the store near me. I love their products! White tea was my fave.
  7. Buying a travel size is a great idea to try Philosophy. I also use the Hope in a Jar for dry sensitive skin and I LOVE it! It keeps my skin soft even during the winter time. The regular Hope in a Jar does nothing for me. The Origins Night A Mins face cream is ok but my face is still dry the next day. I am currently using the Philosophy One Step Facial Cleanser and it seems to be ok, but I think I like the Bliss Foaming Face Wash better.

    Personally, I've never used an entire skincare line as they recommend because one or more products never seem to work for me. I mix and match products from various brands and come up with my own concoction for my skin.
  8. I love Purity face cleanser, and I tried to use Hope in a Jar and the smell is just so nasty!! I couldn't get over the smell.
  9. thanks everyone! im ordering a starting kit from sephora now..
  10. If you order Philosophy from QVC they have a mney back guarantee if it does not work out. 30 days.

    its on today.