Origins-Today Only-11AM-2PM Free Full Size Face Wash w' $50 Order

  1. Thanks for posting!! I picked up a few things. You always know all the good deals bagachondriac!!
  2. Bagachondriac, I have to say I must give you mad props for your sale detection skills. I have never seen anyone be so prolific at finding online bargains. I bow down because I'm not worthy. I wish there was a bowing smiley face for this occasion! This will have to do:dothewave:
  3. chloesmygirl..

    I'm humbled by your kind words. :blush: Thank you both. Actually, the key to finding sales is to sign up for every newsletter one can find. Almost daily, I awaken to at least 25 sales alerts and continue to receive them throughout the day. As of late, I'm finding that I'm spending far too much time on the much so that my butt is beginning to spread!! LOL! It's almost become an obsession....OMG...did I really say that?? Guess it's time to return to a more lucrative other words, I need to get a job!! You know you have a problem when you delete history on the pc so that your DH doesn't know how you've spent your day. :rolleyes::whistle:
  4. that's right
  5. :yahoo:I forgot to say that I find a certain satisfaction in uncovering these unusual sales and websites. It's actually quite fun!!!
  6. WOOHOO! Thanks I needed to pick some stuff up anyway!
  7. Thanks. I got my dates confused and missed it. Oh well there's always next time :smile: