Origins or Arbonne, best for acne

  1. Okay I need a little help here. I'm 26 years old and 3 years ago, after my son was born, my face broke out like crazy (worse than when I was a teenager) and I can't find any product to clear my face up. I also have scarring now from the acne.
    I currently have been using the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop with no luck. A friend suggested either Origins or Arbonne and since I don't know anything about either one I was hoping for some advice.
    Has anyone tried either (or both) of these and with what results? Also, if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them. I have considered Accutane but I've heard too many horror stories so that isn't an option. I would just like to find a really good skincare line to clear up my face because it has been awful for the past 3 years. Thanks in advance for your suggestion.
  2. I would suggest Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Products w/ salicylic Acid (2% Solution). I was going to the dermatologist and using Differin... I am familiar w/ arbonne (1% salicylic solution); I decided to try Neutrogena and I have had great results... same as derms. I think the key for me has been using the products consistently. I use the foam wash, Hydrating Acne Treatment morning and evenings, the power scrub wash evenings and Visibly Even SPF Moisturizer under my foundation daily. Good Luck.
  3. I feel your pain! I've been under the care of a dermatologist with a view to starting roaccutane, but my acne 'isn't bad enough' so it's now not an option. I'm on a low dose of antibiotics and have tried lots and lots and lots of skincare brands and treatments over the years. I'm currently trying Paulas Choice which I like. I've just bought the full sized moisturising gel and am using testers of other products to see how I like them before purchasing full sizes. It might be worth checking out her website. I can't recommend anything that will definitley work for you as I haven't yet found it myself! My advice would be to try samples where possible first. Good luck, let us know if you have any success :tup:
  4. Try Obagi Clenziderm is great.
  5. I can't say enough wonderful things about Arbonne! My new neighbor next door is a rep and introduced me to the products and I LOVE everything! I haven't tried anything for acne but I am sure they are top notch products. The ABC (Arbonne Baby Care) products actually cleared up my littlest son's ezema!
  6. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I'm at a loss and am willing to try anything at this point. I really appreciate your help!
  7. Peter Thomas Roth also carries a great line for problem skin!
  8. Arbonne really does have a FAB acne line. It has worked wonders for my friend. (the face wash smells GREAT!)
  9. My sister swears by Arbonne, but I have a friend who HATED it, so like anything, it probably just depends on your individual skin type.
  10. I had a bad experience with Origins. It gave me a rash so a nay from me there.
  11. i would try the acne kit by philosophy i trid it & it works great within a week i had results
    i love it
  12. Well I picked up a starter kit from Origins on Monday, and I have noticed a difference in my skin already. I still have some pimples, but the scars on my face have started to fade and my skin just looks healthier. Even my hubby noticed! Hopefully my face will keep getting better, but if it doesn't, I think I'm going to try Philosophy. I've heard a lot of good things about it on tpf.
  13. By the way, thanks everyone for your suggestions. It really helps to hear other people's opinions.
  14. katielady, if you are not having success with your Origins acne kit, I would suggest the Arbonne Clear Advantage set for acne or even just the acne vitamins with whatever your skin care regimen is. I don't use the acne skin care regimen (I have tried it and it is non-irritating and gets your face really clean without stripping, but I wanted the antiaging benefits of the RE9 set) but I do use the acne vitamins as well as some of my family members and it really seems to work to help prevent breakouts. You can email me if you want more details. Hope you are on your way to clear skin, there's nothing worse than having a bad skin day! :yucky:
  15. I've tried some arbonne products that I like, the problem is everyone has different reactions to things...... I don't know that I would say origins is wonderful, I think your best bet is to go to the dermatologist and get a diagnosis for what exactly is going on, aside from that look for products with more natural holistic ingredients, less chemicals, and the fewer ingredients overall the better, I really like this line Arcona right now, they are available on Good Luck