Origins of the Céline Luggage and other Trivia!

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  1. This is an interesting picture of a vintage Céline Luggage shared by a Céline SA and it pretty much explained how Phoebe adapted something from the heritage into a modern piece that it is today.

    I'm loving it. I love how she retained the curvy sides and all! And talk about a much needed "face-lift"!
  2. Wow... This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  3. You've outdone yourself this time cotonblanc! This is really interesting intel, especially for those of us who have been puzzling over the design elements of the luggage.

    I'd love to see some more pictures of the old luggage!! In fact, I'd really like to see the old luggage full stop!
  4. oh wow thank you very much, it is very interesting to know :smile:
  5. omg this woman is a PURE GENIUS!!:nuts::loveeyes::woohoo:THANKS COTONBLANC:smile:
  6. Amazing! Esp now that we finally know the back leather tab's orig purpose :tup:
  7. Yup!! finally the back tab is explained!!!
  8. Very interesting, thanks for sharing the picture! :smile:
  9. wonderful transformation.
  10. Thanks for sharing this cool piece of trivia, cotonblanc! Loving the vintage piece :smile:
  11. OHHHH i missed the tab on the original bag at first glance, had to look again - how funny, now it all makes sense!!

    cotonblanc - excellent post, thanks for sharing!!
  12. wow, thanks for sharing this info.

    That old bag really looks like a face, doesn't it? Even more so than the modern day luggage.
  13. that's really interesting thanks for sharing!
  14. interesting information! thanks coton!
  15. Wow that is awesome. Thank you for sharing