Origins Charcoal Mask

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  1. I did a search and couldn't find a thread on this, but has anyone used this? I have started to and I seem to be breaking out from it. I am assuming it may be a purge period but how long should the purge this normal?
  2. I've used it off and on for years and never once have broken out. It works just as it is supposed to, for me. Having said that, Paula B says it has too much of something that is bad for the skin and can cause irritation.

    All it is supposed to do is absorb oil. If you are breaking out or getting red bumps, it is irritating your skin in not a good way, and I would stop using it.
  3. I agree with the above. I too used to use it off and on and don't remember any problems other than dry skin directly afterwards. But I'm thinking that's normal because of the charcoal
  4. I didn't break out (I don't really break out in general in response to products) but this mask did make my skin go quite red and angry-looking. It didn't feel irritated, but it was definitely red. When I cleaned the mask off, you could see the exact outline the mask had been in, with the red skin that was under the mask right next to the normal skin. I tried the mask a few times and got the same result, so discontinued use. I'm not allergic or sensitive to any specific ingredients that I know of, so I'm not sure what ingredient in that mask was the problem.
  5. I have pretty extreme sensitive and dry skin and this mask did not irritate it or make me break out. It does not really do anything for my skin like it says it's supposed to though. I've tried it several times and it doesn't make much of a difference for my skin. I have another mask that I use and love by Derma E, so I just stick to that one since I actually see results!
  6. i've been repurchasing this mask for years, and i use it after steaming my face/opening the pores whenever i feel like my skin needs a good cleansing. it's never broken me out.

    HOWEVER, very occasionally i will experience a slight itchiness on my jawline after or while the mask is on my face. i slather on face cream after i use this, to replenish moisture. but i think i experience this slight itchiness with most clay masks anyway, but it doesn't leave my skin with any marks.
  7. Is that the clear improvement mask? I've also been using it for years and love it. I have sensitive skin and its definitely not for every day, I'd say once every 10 days is best. I does a great job of cleansing, and afterwards I use argan oil to help with the dry feeling. After 15 mins my skin calms down.
  8. I have sensitive, combination skin during the summer and I have sensitive, dry skin during the winter. That said, I also have mild rosacea and the occasional zit.

    I've never used the Charcoal Mask as a mask, but I actually use it as a spot treatment and it is MIRACULOUS! My zit would dry up and flatten by the next morning!
  9. ok thanks for the input. I will stop using it and see if it gets better. I never usually get white heads but I have gotten a bunch since using this mask. I just figured it was deep cleaning my pores. Thanks again
  10. I spoke to an Origins rep years ago about this. She did say it was deep cleaning and may cause skin to purge any impurities as first. It should stop with continued use, though. Check out the description on their website. Good luck!
  11. I haven't used it, but my husband has in the past. He has oily skin and he never had any breakouts.

    I would guess it might be a "purge" as others have said - I know a lot of people go through that when they start using certain products, such as the Clarisonic.
  12. The mask is purely surface level--that's why they say you need to manually steam open your pores--and as such, there isn't any purging. All it does it mop up the oil.
  13. I've used the charcoal mask for a couple years now and haven't experienced any irritation. My skin tightens up while using it, but there's no negative reaction from my skin. I always thoroughly rinse and properly moisturize after using this mask.