Original stitching on vintage classic flap? Please help!


Nov 2, 2019
Dearest Ladies,

I am about to spend quite some money on a vintage classic flap. I have carefully looked at all photos and the bag really seems to be in good condition.However, I did notice something strange with the stitching on one corner of the flap. Not sure though whether this is normal, or was normal back in the days? Could you please inform me whether you have seen anything like this before? Has it been re-stitched?

Thank you so much for your help!!! Much much appreciated!

Photo 1:I noticed something with the stitching
Photo 2: Additional photo received from the seller (do you think this is a photo of the same corner?)

DF5FA055-4A3F-4FB8-AFDC-7B6EC8465E6F.jpeg BF661AD7-EAED-45BF-B7AD-0D9172F8654B.jpeg