Original reissue owners -- do you use them?

  1. The recent posts about what fits in a reissue made me realize that I really never use my reissue (gray 226). I hate to sell it because it is supposed to be a collector's item.

    Do you all use yours a lot?

    Are they really collector's items? Or am I kidding myself?
  2. I do use my anniversary reissue, but not a lot... but that's more a function of inclement weather and also my lifestyle. I'm heavily involved in a summer sport so on the days I know I'm going to the docks - I don't carry the reissue... so between rain and sports - I haven't used the reissue in quite awhile.

    As for the collectability - I sort of think that's a bit "of the beholder's eye". I think it depends on how much value the seller and/or the buyer places on the things that make the anniversary edition different. Especially since the things that make it different are all aesthetics and the functionality of the all reissues is basically the same.

    But that's just my 2 cents. :biggrin:
  3. OH Lulilu, that is me to the T!
    I also have a gray 226 never used. I just love the gray color except that I prefer the 227 size more. That is why I have used my black 227 but not alot. While I know I'll never sell it my gray 226, I don't see myself using it either.
    Is that horrible?
  4. Yeah I have a black reissue 05 and I keep thinking about selling it. I did purchase it because it is a special edition but not sure if I will use it. I'm trying to make wise choices instead of being so impulsive these days.
  5. Vixy, I wish i could trade mine for a 227. That probably would get more use, because I do love how the bag looks.
  6. Hey Toni, yes actually I do use my reissues. I only have the black 2005 anniversary bag, but I do definitely carry it - I carry the reissues mostly when I'm shopping.
  7. I have the grey reisssue in 227 and I use it quite often and I really love this bag. I searched high and low for this bag and finally found it in San Antonio Texas, I'm living in Germany, so I really wanted this bag. I would never ever sell mine but the 227 is bigger than the 226 so I guess it's easier to carry on a daily base. My medium classic flap in lambskin just comes 3-4 times a year because she's so small.
  8. I completely agree! How many people know to look for the 2005 commemorative inside? How many people care?

    I have a anniversary reissue in the jumbo size, and I rarely use it... but I love it so much. I'm never going to sell it... but I still prefer to use a tote for everyday.

    ETA - I'm curious to hear if others use their reissue more.
  9. I have the gray anniversary issue (226), and used it today.
  10. I have the 2005 black reissue in 225, I am not going to sell it, if I can i would love to have the one which was released in 1955..haha...

    225 is small, I will use it for dinner dates, night out with friends....
  11. And... at the same time, I am waiting for a metallic black reissue in 227..so that will complete my day and night reissue collection... I hope.
  12. i use my 227 grey reissue quite often! the size is great, so practical and i just love it so much. I know mum uses the 227 original black reissue i bought for her fairly often as well!
  13. I don't really use mine too often mainly because of the size. I have used it a few times but just going to work. It will be the perfect bag for a special occasion, should one ever come up.
  14. I have the black and grey reissues from 2005 both in the 227 size. I love them and they look like works of art to me. I wear them very infrequently though --I generally wear a shoulder tote instead (like my baby cabas) because they are more practical for my lifestyle. I don't think I would sell these because they are such classic pieces and I could see pulling these out 10 years from now and still wearing them. I like to think that it is a collector's item...but I'm not sure that others would agree...
  15. I sold mine because I hardly use it....