Original Pyramid vs. Cervo Hobo

  1. Hi All,

    I can't decide which style I like better..the Old (Original) Pyramid style or Cervo Hobo. Both are in brand new condition. I like the original pyramid because I can wear it two ways (messenger vs. shoulder) and I heard BV does not make that anymore since it comes as new Pyramid now? This will be a classic color - Nero.

    Cervo Hobo - reading through posts (Mousse, India), it's truly a beautiful bag. It's soooo soft. It's a little bit large for my petite size (5 ft), but it seems ok. Very casual. Does this style come every year, right?

    Appreciate your input :smile: BV is very addictive. Thanks!
  2. the original pyramid is one of my favorite bags
    it is large and roomy and when you elongate the strap
    the bag sits pretty flat against the hip
    I so like the original pyramid better than the new pyramid
    the strap is longer (even if you don't make it a messenger) and you can get the bag on your shoulder.
    It is nappa and totally woven
    the hobo is a great bag also
    hmmmm I like both these bags a lot
    I like a zipper
    not that I zip my bag that often
    but when my bag is riding on the passenger seat and I stop short and it falls over
    the zipper keeps it all in the magnetic closure not so much
    the hobo is incredibly soft
    I am not much help am I LOL
    I love both bags
    although I do love the cervo I would buy the pyramid and get the cervo later
    the hobo is a new bag only a couple years old
    I am not sure they are still producing the original pyramid and it might be that they are available now but when they are gone they are gone
    where the cervo hobo will be around for a long time
    sorry I wasn't much help
  3. i have the original pyramid and it's fabulous. it's my goto travel bag now because it can go from casual (messenger) to dressier (shoulder) and the zipper keeps my things secure.

    the cervo hobo is giant and hangs quite low on me. i'm about your height. i suggest you try it on to make sure this works for you before you buy it.
  4. I would go with the original pyramid because as Septembersiren has said, once it is gone, it's gone. I don't see any more. The Baseball Cervo hobo is very desired and you can buy it at some future date. It all depends on your needs.
  5. Do you have the opportunity try on both bags to see how they look and feel loaded with your wallet, phone etc? I'm 5-8 and am partial to bigger bags.
  6. Must weigh-in on this (although i can only speak to the Original/Reissued Pyramid) I have a whole lot of love for this bag & envy your ability to find a 'like new nero.' Have you had a chance to see it in person & try it on, etc.?

    In terms of appearance, I think it is possibly the most elegant shoulder bag BV has ever made. The dimensions are classic & easy to use, the hardware is wrapped in leather (as opposed to the New Pyramid), zip top that provides both security & (in this style) easy access.
    It fits comfortably on the shoulder - i prefer it set to the shorter drop. A minus is that it does seem to slip off my shoulder more than the veneta hobo styles. However, and advantage to the RP is that the shape of it allows for very easy access to interior items. Unzip, look in, & it's like a light is shining on all your items.
    And , yes, in terms of availability : I did some research into this recently (and found tpf along the way :smile:). There are some nero RPs left & when they're gone, that's it.

    In a nutshell: highly, highly recommend the RP
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    Hi All, thank you so much for your input. Yes, I tried both of them and I love both of them in different ways..decision, decision :thinking: Since pyramid is harder to get, I just decided to get the pyramid first in ebano. Just placed my order. :smile: I can get the cervo hobo at a future date. Thanks again for helping me make this decision

    The SA in BV Carmel is very helpful. If you are interested in getting one, she mentioned she still has two more in stocks (nero). Her name is Tina Miller and her number is 831.622.0518.
  8. :woohoo::yahoo::cloud9:
  9. I'm planning to visit the Carmel boutique later this week. I'm in Monterey for biz. Now I can check out the original pyramid IRL.
  10. Have fun, Mousse. Your work sounds interesting..getting to visit BV places all over as a perk :smile: Very dangerous place to check out. Never thought I would like a pyramid.
  11. Beautiful choice - (mine's in ebano , too) -- gorgeous, timeless, congrats!

  12. I love my job. I lead a team of specialty food industry relationship managers who support my company's customers west of the Mississippi. I'm on the road a lot. My team is participating in the annual Cooking for Solutions at the Monterey Bay Aquarium later this week. My perk when we are done on Saturday is retail therapy in Carmel. I plan to carry my Violet lambskin bag since we are looking at sunny weather in Monterey Bay - yeah!!!!
  13. Perfect weather for Carmel this weekend.

    Ladies, thanks for all of your input. Got my pyramid and I love it. Can't wait to wear it around. Tina even included mini perfume bottle as a bonus. I don't wear perfume, but her thought is appreciated.
  14. post reveal...... :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
    congratulations!!!! i feel so excited for you....:roflmfao:
  15. Sorry to revive an older thread but I just 'discovered' the old Pyramid, the one with the adjustable strap. Yes, behind the curve here, but I'm also new to BV...

    Could someone please please please post measurements of the strap drop when in both positions? Short and long? I searched but haven't seen anything with the measurements.

    Do most people that have this bag find the opening too small? Or is it manageable?

    Thank you so much! I might be ready to pull the trigger on this bag sight unseen as it's very much 'my style'. :biggrin: