Original Print Dolce Love

  1. I've been looking at the dolce for a while now, trying to decide which print I would want one in. Ms. socprof81 found me a original print dolce with the original dalek qee in plastic for BIN at retail.

    Needless to say, I bought it now!!!

    So excited!!:yahoo:
  2. I was looking at that one on eBay, so cute! :smile:
  3. congrats! u have to post pics soon!
  4. oh you bet I will. Yay!
  5. well we all know there are two things i do:

    a) stalk eBay
    b) sort of teach

    er. c) sit at the comic shop and play apples to apples.

    I even checked eBay there on Saturday SHH
  6. hehe apples to apples and Unspeakable Words!!

    thank you again by the way.

    Socprof81 = super awesome roommate!
  7. Well I'll be loitering there on Wednesday. Playing both said games. Sitting holding my tokidoki bags, loving them...as scary nerds hit on me and girls ask me about my "cute lil characters on my bag"

    maybe we could convince peter to sell tokidoki!!! haha

    I'm happy you got a sweet Dolce, now your Dalek can party with my Dalek OP denaro duder!!
  8. Congratz on the dolce!
  9. congrats sassafras!!! yah socprof does sound like a super awesome roommate :tup:
  10. congrats! man i want an original dolce too ...
  11. Congrats post pics soon :smile:
  12. Congratz... would love to see pics
  13. yay! Socprof81 rocks! I'm becoming more and more of a dolce fan every day - you'll love it!
  14. Congrats on the OP Dolce!:yahoo:
  15. The OP dolce is one of my "holy grail of toki" bags.....