original prices for cambon line

  1. I thought we might want to start a thread with original pricing for the diff pieces for the camon line, since the sales are going on now :biggrin:

    Cambon bowler- 1375.00

    Pochette-695.00 (correct me if im wrong)

    zip around wallet -645.00

    ballet flats- 495.00

    billfold wallet- 535.00

    Im forgetting the rest, please add!!!
  2. pochette is 795 and
    zip around wallet is 660 -:sad: I called Saks 5th Ave. and that's the quoted price. I'm surprised about the cambon bowler , I thought it's less than 1375 , I bought mine last yearthough....
  3. here's all the other handbags that I can think of in the cambon line, some are missing prices =)

    md. reporter - aprox.3175
    mini reporter - 2625
    flap tote - 1795
    small tote - ?
    md.tote - 1275
    lg.tote - 1495
    mini bowler - ?

    and there's also the lg.reporter and overnight bag.
  4. does anyone know when this sale ends? :biggrin:
  5. Small tote- appox $1095.

    Jen, were you able to snatch the Black with white CC small tote?
  6. Zip around camera case : $350
  7. WAHH!! I wasn't :cry: I just called (which might've been too late) but Patty was like 'nuh uh, sorry dear'
  8. wtf the pochette is 795? omg.
    i called 3-4 stores and was told that the black/white and black/black cambon stuff isnt even on sale?
  9. mini bowler is 1150.00
  10. Sorry but I'm very stupid, what is the deal with the cambon line ???
    Is it going to be discontinued or what ? I know the pink color is, but what about the rest of them ?

    I'm so out, HELP !!!

  11. MAN!! The bag-ladies (myself included) were calling their friends, relatives, everyone inside the boutique when I went there on Friday night. A mother and daughter team HOGGED 4 chanels (and the last pink-black bowler) as if it's their baby. I couldn't stand a chance.:blink:

  12. ^^ was that at the chanel boutique or nm, Saks?
    im sure there are more bowlers out there, what are they priced after the discount anyways?
  13. The large cambon tote retails for $1475
  14. Does anyone know the price for the Camera bag and the measurement of it?

  15. I just put a Chanel Cambon black/white tote on hold. They said the retail is $1375. This does not match up with the medium tote or the large tote!! He said it's the one where everyone usually gets. So I'm a little confused. Does anyone know if the Black/White is more expensive than the other ones?