Original Price of Graffiti Keepall?

  1. Hey guys, doesn anyone know the retail price of it when it was still in stores? and what sizes did it come in?
  2. I think the price was $2000, and the Speedy ws $1200. Can someone confirm this? :upsidedown:
  3. HI there,

    You are way off! The graffiti keepall was around $800 and the speedy 30 is about what a speedy 30 in regular monogram cost today. keep in mind that this was MJ first creative collection, LV never thought it was going to be so successful. I know now in 2006 it seems like that was really cheap, but back then due to inflation it was a pricy item. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks lvlover! I guess I should have asked you given your avatar :lol: