Original Mamma- who was watching and who was bidding?

  1. Hahahaha!! You and I were thinking the same thing!! I started my thread a smidge after you!!
  2. I saw it yesterday and emailed the seller, and said your 2 bags don't match up. Thats when he posted the pics and I was like OMG thats a Mamma. I was hoping it would slide under the radar and maybe I could pick it up for cheap..That didn't happen..I didn't even get a bid in ..Oh well I wasn't dying to get it..Got to love the mislabeled stuff..People have no clue!!
  3. Yeah... I was definitely not willing to pay over 120, and it was obviously not enough. Hehe. I guess that money will go back towards finding my OP denaro and camo canguro!!

    Speaking of which, there's that OP black denaro on e-bay for $70... I really don't want to pay that much but it's bugging me that I don't have a matching denaro to my new bella bella. Part of me feels like I'm going to cave in by tomorrow's holiday since I have no work and I'll be on the computer!!
  4. yeah i didnt want to pay over 120 haha so i just stayed up to watch who was bidding lol...and i saw you two ..guess who won? SNAPCAT! I believe its her??haha

    i was about to post a thread but i just replied on the "authenticate this" thread...darn i gotta go to bed its 4am!!!
  5. haha yeah... I was watching it about 2 hrs after it was listed but I knew people would be bidding on it... I saw you bid and push vmasterz to her max :lol: so I bid the minimum. I didn't expect two other people to pop in also
  6. Oh awesome!! :tup: She really wanted it bad, by the looks of the price!!
  7. LOL... so swyntell is snapcat?? I never knew that!!
  8. tehlilone: I woke up 20 minutes before the auction's end (around 7:25 am) to bid and watch... Hehe. Now I'm awake and ready to go to the beach!! Well, not really. I'm still in my pj's and my hair is all hammajang but my mindset is "I'm ready for the beach!"
  9. yeah i remember its her ???I hope Im right? haha.. anyways im using dialup so it makes no sense to bid seconds before it end..it wouldnt have worked for me hahaa..but yeah i know she wanted a mamma bad :graucho: fun isnt it hahaha
  10. maya: I did the same thing! I woke up at 10:14 here... the auction ended at 10:41 :biggrin: I'm kind of sick so my bf was like "go back to sleep!" but yeah now I'm somewhat awake-ish :p
  11. haha i havent slept yet..been awake!! now its time to go to bed before the sun rises up in a few hours :lol:
  12. But the additional pics aren't of the 1st photo. Look at the placement. He had pics of at least 3 different bags on that auction. Seems way too fishy to me.
  13. true... I asked him which bag he was auctioning and he said the first smaller one... I've seen several sellers that put pics other than the bag their selling... why I have no idea but they do so I guess I'm used to it?

    plus... if you pay by paypal it's covered up to $200 in case of any fraud... he states that it's 100% authentic and if it isn't you can always file to get back your money.