Original mamma and dolce


Mar 26, 2006
Hi girls,
just wondering how much would you be willing to pay/offer for original mamma and original dolce bags...both with the original dalek qee in plastic wraps? I know it'll be over retail but what are reasonable prices..?
it really comes down to how much you want them.
i saw a mamma playground original go for 200 on ebay, I've not seen a dolce though in original on ebay.

in my experience with original print and how it keeps surfacing and the fact you can purchase the dalek qee still from qeester i 'd probably personally not go over too much, but if it was something i wanted, or in this case you wanted badly go for it!
the last original mamma that i saw went for $157 on ebay (like 2 months ago). For dolce i think the reasonable price is a little over $100.

Hope this helps!
Jenn!!! Ur too funny! I actually won it for my lil cuz! I have one when it just came out but my cuz's bday is coming up and shes been really good, so i thought I'd grab this for her, clean it up and tada! But yeah, "Great Minds think alike huh?" hahah
haha yeah seriously :P that's one lucky cousin of yours! I'd like to use the excuse that I'm saving for an original mamma! I REALLY WANT ONE!! and for toys during summer :lol: I'm thinking about getting something for my roommate once she graduates (in a year tho lol) but I might get it now and just save it until later... I already got my sis a tokidoki button up shirt that I have in hiding