Original M/C or new Glazed

  1. Hi which one would you pick?:graucho:-Fran
  2. new, glazed.
  3. Original, if you can if find. It's several hundred cheaper. They're both TDF!
  4. original
  5. I have the original and love it. I am not totally in love with the glazed leather, but think it looks best on this bag. You can't go wrong.
  6. Original!!
  7. Original :tup:
  8. original!
  9. Original.
  10. wow looks like a land slide -Fran
  11. I like both, so I would pick whichever one is lighter. The original was very heavy IMO...if the glazed is significantly lighter, that would tip the scale for me.
  12. Original!!!
  13. Original!