Original leather cocoa cabas owners..HELP!

  1. :hysteric: If you own this bag would you please hold you bag up in front of you in some really good light and closely inspect the double c's. I realize that this bag is slouchy with distressing in the leather. .....but the leather inside of the double c's seems to be puckering and is really bothering me. I was just wondering if anyone else seems to be having this problem. Thanks
  2. Hi there,
    I just looked at mine and don't see any puckering.
  3. mine doesn't do it either. can you post some pics?
  4. my sister's doesn't do it either.
  5. Mine look okay except use it so much you can see it is getting more distresssed by the minute - yeah can you show us what you mean?
  6. no puckering on mine
  7. no puckering here.