Original & Imitation

  1. Hi I am new here, what is the difference between the original chanel handbag and the imitation? I need help I'm thinking to buy one with someone from work and she said it's original came from New York...
  2. no idea?
    Nothing from Chanel is called "original" and I don't know what you/her means by "imitation".
    Seems like that means fake/counterfeit/replica but I try not to assume when I don't know for sure{?}
  3. I think an imitation is when a company copies designers such as Chanel but not word for word. But basically the same style with a noticeable difference so they can't get sued. Pretty much what Swanky said knockoffs, counterfeits and replicas.
  4. imitation = counterfeits?
    Original = real?
  5. Not really sure what you are asking... imitation is fake. Are you asking about fakes? Or how to tell the difference between a real and fake bag?