Original Gold & Silver Suhali Owners

  1. Calling all owners of the original gold & silver Suhali, these have been around a llittle while now how have they stood the test of time

    any problems?
  2. Opinions Please ?!!
  3. Nobody owns the original Metallic Suhali??
  4. I can remember a post with a gold and/or a silver le talentueux/ l'aimable's. i can't be sure exactly. I've no idea where the search function is though. I can remember a pic with 2 side by side. I'm sure of it.
  5. No problems what so ever, then again I have the L'amible which isn't an everyday wear, so maybe that is why
  6. I wasn't fortunate enough to buy one :sad: Wish I had though! Too bad we can't call Jessica Simpson and ask huh?! ;)