Original e-ring size?

  1. I just love this forum. I never knew it existed!

    I just finished surfing the show me your ring section and i must say WOW!!! most are huge, bigger then i've ever seen!

    Now my question is, was this your original ring? or did you get upgraded throughout the years?

    I know my mom started out with a .25 then a .33 then a .50 then a 1ct lol she has 4 rings now.

    I have a promise ring from Shane co. Which has a great upgrade policy. Trade it in for its value and get something else 1$ more on the diamond and twice the band value. I am very content with what i have now which is a .42 center. I would love to have a 1ct but it seems a bit big for my hand. I wear a 5-5.5. The ring i have now won't be upgraded anymore since its perfect in size due to the accenting side stones. A bigger diamond would cover it up.

    Sorry i'm rambling.. anyways.. if you have pictures of your original set may i see? thanks everyone! congrads to all the lovely rings with rocks! :yahoo:
  2. I'm not married, but I have the same observation as you. I never see women w/ such large stones IRL or very rarely do. It's amazing!

    Anyway, my mom is similar to yours.

    Her first e-ring was .25, I think. Her second was about .40. Her most recent, and I anticipate last, is a one carat three stone ring, w/ the center at .40 and the sides are .30 each. She is in her early 50's and actually has the largest e-ring in a large office. I think stone size is influenced by location too.
  3. I agree with you. I forgot to add that i rarely see anyone with huge stones. Norm is .50 to 1ct and maybe a 1.5 center. I'm sure in vacation spots everyone has huge rings. Thats when they come out to play and shine hehe

    My mom stopped at 1ct. Its a glass like emerald cut. I envy its clarity! one minor cloud that looks like a minor smudge on the side facet.

  4. no idea about my Mom's for some reason{?}
    Mine started out as a 1.33 Princess + baguettes and was ugraded recently to a 3.67 round brilliant - my ring size is 3.75-4.
    original then upgrade. . . upgrade isn't over, we found the stone first and plopped it into a plain tiffany setting.
    IMG_1153.jpg IMG_1163-ps.jpg IMG_1594tPF.jpg IMG_1180tpf.jpg
  5. mine is the first e-ring and it's 0.8ct round/brilliant cut, solitaire. very simple, but i love it. my ring size is 3.75 too....
    wouldn't mind upgrading to a bigger one in the future though

  6. Thats a nice upgrade.:drool:
    Do you still wear the original one? how many years down the line did you get that?

    I guess its ideal to upgrade over time because in time we all get richer then when we started! =)

    My bf wants to get me a .88 heart (88 for good luck in chinese cultures) close enough to a 1ct yet saving a ton since its not over that mark. :upsidedown:

    I saw a few who had a circle of diamonds around their solitaire and i think thats just really pretty. It gives the illusion of a bigger diamond and adds to the fire! wish my bf felt the same way. :hysteric:
  7. I still have the same stone from 7 years ago, when we first got married. It's a 1.53 carats. I would love to upgrade to a 3 carat someday. ;)
  8. i LOVE your promise ring! it is beautiful!

    my first ering was .05 carats. that's right. zerofive. even though i wanted to pick out my own ring he really really really wanted to propose with a diamond. it was sweet. a few months later i found the .25 emerald cut that i wore for 3.5 years before i upgraded to my current pink sapphire halo ring. i'm quite satisfied with this set but really hope to get a large emerald cut diamond (and to me large is 1.5ish cts) for my 20th anniversary.
  9. My ering is a 1.12 RB (VVS1 clarity, E color) set in 18Kt yellow gold band with 12 emerald cut diamonds (each is VVS2, E color, .41 total carats). Total weight of diamonds combined is 1.53 carats. Yellow gold was popular when we got engaged 14 years ago.

    A diamond pendant also came as part of the engagement: RB of 1.07 carats, VVS2 clarity, F color.

    My family (also Chinese) wouldn't accept anything less than VVS, so we selected VVS. Had I known you cannot see the clarity level with the naked eye, I would had gone for VS clarity instead to get a bigger stone. But I love the color of E and F.

    For my upcoming upgrade, I want another RB of at least 2 carats, D,E,or F color with hearts and arrows, or very close to hearts and arrow cut. I'm hinting DH already :p and he knows it's coming up.
  10. Just so you know, .88 carat in a heart shape may be quite difficult to find. Since getting my heart shape pendant this week, I've been asking around several jewelers (and even online) for an approx. .75 carat heart in case I decide to pair my up to make a set of earrings. They told me heart is hard to find, and more importantly, very difficult to get the exact carat.
  11. Mine's just a hair under 1 full carat, and it's the original stone...well. My REAL ORIGINAL HE PROPOSED WITH IT THE FIRST TIME ring is no more. But that stone was almost the same size, I think a hair smaller (like .02).
  12. I see your concern.

    Shane co has a wide variety of stones and they can import it from other stores. Yes they didn't have many hearts. They have .75s on the website and not all in stock items are there. Heart shapes are rare i was on bluenile and they barely had anything on there.

    With bigger diamonds u need at least a VS since its big the facets are bigger and u can see through them. So i agree with your though on a VS stone VS a VVS. I have an H now and it hues a yellow, i would like a FG and a SI1 or VS2 (depends on where the flaws are) aka SIG as my bf called it for my heart shape .88 diamond.

    My family really doesn't care about color or clarity. I am guessing your family just wants the best for you because you are very special to them.

    Also a 2ct upgrade with a 14yr gap isnt much to ask for =) hope you can find that special stone!
  13. LOL, I think my family is just plain old picky.

    Good luck in your search for the stone of your dream and searching is so much fun when the two of you shop together. Enjoy! :smile:
  14. Mine is 1.31 ct. I'll hopefully upgrade in a few years (after med school and residency) to something ~3ct. My current e-ring would make a fabulous pendant. I :heart: diamonds.
  15. i'm still wearing my little 1 carat. we discuss upgrading..but i am sentimental. so i'd like a good sized eternity ring.