Original cost of a Seth

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  1. Does anyone know how much a Seth cost when it was available ?.
  2. Just a word of caution about looking for internet for some original prices for bags RRP, some sites as Polyvore.com shows not always the original RRP but the latest price they were availible for,for example the saleprice at Mulberry. So if you want to be certain then I suggest a email to CS.
  3. There is a legal requirement for retailers to show original price along with sale price....as is shown on the JulesB link. Polyvore is not a retailer though may direct you to one. If a website is not displaying the original price I would be questioning the authenticity of the site :smile:
  4. Oh, I dont question your link or your expertise, Mo. Just I noticed that the prices on Polyvore are sometimes showing the saleprices even if there is no one who sell them anymore as they are out of stock, and it kind of look like that was the original price. I had a bag up for sale on Ebay stating the original RRP when several people has told me that that was not the original price as they seen it was much lover on Polyvore for instance. That can be a bit annoing...:smile:
  5. Sorry Baginuse, I didn't think you were...:smile: I should have been more clear in my post...Polyvore offer links to many different retailers, which enables them to post the lowest prices. So if you're looking for original prices, you need a direct retail link....is that any clearer? :shrugs:
    Yes....selling on fleabay is extremely fraught....:tup:
  6. Much clearer. It's just me that is not full awake yet, I think need a few more cups of tea before my brain kicks in. Sorry for my post, just ignore it. :blush::shame: I'm a bit slow today, not just here. I just lost a fab Bayswater on a private sellforum that was offered to a "you would not belive it price"complete with receipt and all and it was sold just moments before I saw it. :/ So I guess my thoughts were elsewhere while posting. :smile:
  7. :giggles: don't worry...I think I need more caffeine :P we make a good pair this morning.

    :tdown: sorry you lost out on a bag :nogood: never good...what kind of bays were you after?
  8. Lol, I think I'm at my 4th cup of tea this morning and I think i has to switch over to coffee atm, the caffeine dont seem to be kicking in and waking up my brain at all this morning.:huh:
    Well I guess I'm not so depressed I did loose that bag, it was just a standard black Bays, but the price was so low that it was almost unresistible, feelt like a crime not buying it for that price, and a black bag is always handy in all styles. Lately I has developed a strong urge for a Tooled Bays, that is because all the marvellous reveals I seen here lately and I think they look fab. It is one up Ebay right now but seller wont mail outside the UK. Probably best for me as I'm saving up, you know....:graucho:
  9. Geddes- Seth was £395 in Dec 2010 before it was discontinued- small ant was £295 at the time- there was a 10% price increase shortly after so ant went to £325 but Seth was never on retail sale at higher than £395- some sellers are just liars!!