"Original" Coco Cabas......? Hmm....??

  1. I was just wondering.....Do you think the original Coco Cabas (the big leather one w/ CCs on the front) will be "in" for years to come??

    I mean...What if "big bags" are out in a yr. or 2??? Would you still continue to wear it?? Or.....Do you think since it's Chanel, it'll always be "in" regardless of bag size, etc.?


  2. Big bags may go out, but they will always, always, come back. A basic style will always stand the test of time. At the very least, I'd stuff and store it and let 10 years go by.
  3. i love my coco cabas! i can see myself carrying it for many years to come. i have always carried big bags for convenience, so regardless of it being "in" or "out", i'll still continue to lug them around.
  4. Everything eventually goes out of style.

    My gold chain Chanels looked completely over the top and so '80s in the '90s. They looked so dated.

    I love big bags too, but I did stop carrying my huge soft and slouchy Bottega Venetas in the '90s when fashion was so spare and minimal and very, very clean.

    The original Bottegas were very similar in size and shape (or shapeless) to the Cabas and they just looked wrong for a decade or so. I would never have expected it. I thought that style would be a classic but it just looked so messy, I switched to harder frame, square and rectangular Prada and Tods.

    If you're willing to wait a decade or so, when it does go out of style and it will... then eventually your bag will come back and be "vintage" and everyone will want one.
  5. I think they're definitely Chanel's more trendy pieces, but not over the top.
    meaning I think you can get some years out of it, but probably not a lifetime.
    That said, to each their own. If you're still diggin' it in 2015, then rock that bag!!
  6. Chanel is classic, no matter what...but it doesn't necessarily follow trends...that's the thing...like for fall, it was all about black with gold hardware..chanel did one piece (at least at NM) which was the lady braid...

    Designers are going smaller with handbags...also with sunglasses...
    my feelings on the large Coco Cabas are that you'll get maybe another year or two out of it, and then you'll have to put it away for a while...however, it will definitely become an iconic vintage piece...as we know, in the world of handbags, something newer and better will always come along..that's just the reality of it..so basically, do you want to be trendy or do you want to wear what you want regardless of trends?
  7. Thanks everyone for all your input!:yes:

    I decided to go w/ the Cruise "baby" cabas. The only way for me to get the bigger Coco Cabas at this point is ebay. Which I'd rather not do. :s

    Also, I was a bit worried the bigger Coco Cabas might be too big anyway...I decided to just go with the smaller cruise cabas (15 x 8 x 6). Which is basically the same size as my LV Bat. H. (15.3. x 9 x 5.5). I adore my BH!!:love: Love the size!! So the baby cabas sounds good!:yes:

    I got on the waiting list this past Sat. for it in black. :yahoo: