Original coco cabas coming in fall?! Is this true??

  1. So I talked to my SA Carol today and she said that the ORIGINAL coco cabas is coming back for fall '07 and they'll be getting them in black and bronze this coming august.

    Is this true?? I'll go crazy if it is!!
  2. Where does your SA work at?

    I have reserved an original coco cabas from Saks... don't know if i can get it or not.
  3. I heard the same thing... The SAs from Chanel Amsterdam told me they are coming back in the colours Khaki, and maybe in black. I reserved the Khaki.... So must be true...
  4. My SA is the assistant manager (?) at our local chanel boutique. She seems to know whats going on as opposed to other SAs I've worked with. I'm just a bit skeptical about this news. I hope it's exactly the same as the original!!
  5. I had put my name down for black original coco cabas! Really hope to get it... is it $1995?
  6. I just heard the same thing and priced at $1995.
  7. love to get the brown one.
  8. My SA told me the bag will arrive late July. So looking forward to it.
  9. coco cabas... is it the same size as the DEnim cabas with a large CC logo on the front?
  10. So are the original and the baby cabas going to be the same price. It was my understanding that the baby cabas will increase from $1795 to $1995. I didn't know they were releasing the original for fall.
  11. Yes! It is the same large size as the Denim Cabas. :smile:
  12. i cant wait!! i'm on waitlist for both bronze and black!!
  13. can any of you lovely ladies help me with where I can waitlist for one in the States? My SA said their store did not order any! I have been wanting one for a long time!!! Please help!
    thanks so much in advance!!! :love:
  14. She told me that, yes, they did order them, but they do not know for sure if they will be receiving them.

  15. Hmmm......