Original Coco Cabas Black Leather

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  1. $1650 USD at Saks Beverly Hills

    Call and ask for Gail, shes the sweetest most down to earth Chanel SA I know :smile:

    1 310 887 5355 is the Saks Chanel number.

    Tell her Cory referred you from the purse forum board since it is being held under my name.
  2. Do you know if Saks ships internationally? TIA :smile:
  3. im not sure...u can call her and ask :smile:
  4. calisnoopy,
    Is this bag still available? TIA!
  5. Yippeee....I am now the proud owner of this bag, just waiting for Gail to ship it to me!! :wlae:
    THANK YOU Cory for hooking me up with this fabulous bag!!!!!! :heart: :heart:
  6. Congrats totoro and that was so nice of you to post, calisnoopy!
  7. I agree, it was extremely nice and generous of calisnoopy to offer her bag to us!!!! :love: I am so grateful to her!!!! :flowers:

    I am sooooo excited, can't wait to get my bag!!!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts:
  8. Heyy Peggy (hope I have the name right)-so funny cos Gail told me about you calling when I was there picking up my Navy Patent Reissue...Im so excited for you!!!

  9. Hi Cory,
    What a coincidence..that's funny!! Congrats on your new Navy Patent Reissue; that's a beautiful bag!!! :drool:

  10. wow congratulations totoro!!!