original cabas, impossible to find???

  1. hi ladies!

    i was just wondering if it's completely impossible to find the original large size cabas bag in stores...? i know some stores are expecting a new shipment of the baby cabas in the next couple of months, but what about the large/original cabas? not until fall? when are fall bags being released?

    also, is the original size much heavier than the baby cabas?

    TIA!!! :smile:
  2. i have no idea, i'm looking for one too :crybaby:
  3. oh, i meant to ask you, seahorse... how does your baby cabas compare weightwise, to bal city bags? is it as light and easy to carry?

    and are you looking on eBay for the original cabas? i think they're pretty much impossible to find in stores, but i just can't bring myself to pay so much over retail on eBay... :sad:
  4. Bearkeeper,
    I'm with you.
    Paying so much over just plain hurts!
    we'll have to keep ours eyes peeled for a reason one.
  5. I was able to find an original Cabas in black about a month ago. A few stores were supposed to be getting them in the April timeframe so you can call and put your name on the waiting list. I recommend calling Bergdorf Goodman (talk to Galina) or Sak's NYC (ask for Toni).
  6. bearkeeper, the baby cabas is not as heavy as i imagine, i guess when i put almost the same things inside the baby cabas, it's still carryable :p
    otherwise, although the original vinyl is very light itself, when i put well also the same things, it hurt my shoulder more than the "heavier" leather baby cabas.
    :idea: my thought is, it's because the original is far longer, it's kinda gravitate the things and therefore made it more heavy!

    so, my conclusion is the baby cabas is as comfortable as the bal city, and the bigger handle loops made it more and more comfortable too in a way.
    and it can fits a lot too! i must say the same or even more.

    i kinda have my own thoughts too on purchasing the original in leather, i'm sure it'll be heavier than the vinyl one.

    i'm still looking anywhere too, kinda try to avoid ebay because agree the price is quite high, but i lived in a country that there's no chanel stores, so the best idea is to ask my friends overseas in states or paris to asked if they can get one for me :crybaby:
    so far, no luck....
  7. are the original caviar and vinyl cabas purses available each season or are they limited editions for this season...
    The baby cabas is just for this spring/summer's resort (cruise?) line, right?