Original Black Denaro - Advise Please

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  1. I've got this Original Black Denaro which I am planning to put on either eBay or LJ. I love the print placement but I am not much of a Denaro person. It's brand new with tag, but has no qee. My biggest concern is that since Sandy is so prominent on the denaro, her color has rub off on the other side. Hope you girls can see clearly from the pic. Any advise of how to fix the problem or should I just go ahead and list it as it is, and mentioning the color rub off of course.

  2. The inside is perfect .. and I so love the print placement .. if only this is NOT a denaro ...

  3. I don't think the color on Sandy rubbed off, it's maybe from the lining (which is green). My Denaro has the same thing and there is no Sandy even on it! I couldnt' figure it out and then someone else (who has a Denaro with the same issues) mentioned it was the lining. I'm still not sure that's the case but it kind of makes sense.
  4. yeah I heard a lot of people saying the green kind of bleeds or something so :shrugs: maybe that's what happened? just mention it or you can try maybe some of the cleaning methods other people use? Magic Eraser, tide pen, etc maybe?
  5. Now that makes sense. Sorry for the blame Sandy! :sweatdrop:
    I check the other inside pockets and sure enough, the green has also rub off onto the whites. Blah! I don't have this problem with my original Ciao though.

    I am afraid to clean it now .. what if as I am rubbing, everything just rub off ! :confused1:
  6. yah i think it would be fine if you just disclosed the green leaking through. If you're afraid that cleaning it with the magic eraser or tide pen would make it worse ... I'd say just disclose the bleeding and let the buyer try to clean it? At least they would know about the bleeding before bidding and can decide if they wanna try to clean it themselves.
  7. I have the SAME problem with my OP Denaro AND my OP Campeggio, and it's from the green lining "bleeding" and staining the white areas...Such a shame...

    I was actually going to post a question here and see if anyone knew how to clean that...

    I ALREADY tried TIDE and SHOUT, nothing did it...

    I think it's because it's been stained for such a long time since it was manufactured such a long time ago.

    I whish I could get it cleaned somehow...:confused1:
    Tokid 013.jpg Tokid 016.jpg
  8. It doesn't look obvious to me. I think people will appreciate the fact that you decided to mention the rubbing if you decide to sell it. Possibly something someone might even overlook since it really does have such great print placement.
  9. Thanks all for your great advise. I just put it up and leaving it as it is. Don't want to take my chances with all the cleaning solutions! :smile: