Original Black Cabas With Light Cream CC Stitching??

  1. I just came back from shopping and spoke to this girl that had the most beautiful cabas I have ever seen. I am wondering if her bag is a fake because I have never seen one like it..I thought it was maybe some sort of special edition. If it is a fake....let me tell you it was an unbelievable one. She let me look closely at it and feel the leather. Has Chanel ever made a black(looked and felt like lambskin)original size with the CC's outlined in a cream colored stitching?? Braided chain handle with the original silver looking CC charm.
  2. I've never seen one with light stitching or one made of lambskin.

  3. Same here. An actual "Coco Cabas" of this combination does not exist.
  4. hmmm nope. my original black cabas is def in distressed caviar and def. in black stitching :p
  5. all the chanel leather cabas bags have black stitching