Original birthday present

  1. I'm counting on some TPF expertise here. I have 10 days in which to organise a fabulous, interesting birthday present for a special man. I have done well so far, but I am pretty stumped this year. On my shortlist are:

    prints of special places we have visited
    mushroom hunting in the SW then posh hotel
    Orient Express travel
    Hire of a classic sports car for a day with picnic etc supplied.

    I'd love some more ideas though . . .all suggestions very gratefully received.
  2. Hi Miss Sooky, your shortlist looks great. What are his interests/hobbies?
  3. Ooooo love the idea of a tour around the SW in a classic car then a picnic.
  4. I think your ideas sound fab! But since you are asking for more here are my only ideas - Is he a sports fan? Can you get tickets to a great game? Or maybe a spa day at a men's spa?
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. He is keen on golf, travel, wine and food but I have exhausted the golfing theme I think! Any other bright ideas very welcome.
  6. Miss Sooky, how about looking at the products made by Bombus in Kent?

    She makes decoupage art products from vintage maps and comics.


    You mentioned prints earlier - do you have any artists in mind? There are several excellent Etsy artists based in England eg artquirk.
  7. i don't know if this would pertain to you, but a lady in my office once took all of her husband's business cards that she had collected over the years and put them in chronological order in a gorgeous frame. he had worked for the same company for decades, so it was really interesting to see where had started (customer service rep), and as it continued the business card languages changed as he had taken some overseas assignments, and then ended with his final card as vice president. it was an incredibly unique and thoughtful gift....of course, it requires you to have kept up with his cards for years! :smile: but maybe that might spur on a similar idea....
  8. Great idea!

    Maybe you could do it with special golf score cards that he has kept.
  9. I love the idea of renting a sports car for a day and going for a picnic. It will give you the opportunity to spend quality time with him AND it will be a blast! Plus, what guy doesn't love sports cars ;).
  10. How about a romantic weekend at a cottage that has no phone, no television, no distractions. Just some great things to do when you want to. No time tables to do anything?

    Another though-couples spa day/weekend???
  11. Beats me. The last present I remember getting a guy was a sweater.
  12. Wow, you've put me to shame...lol. I think your ideas look great!
  13. I like the picnic idea. Just make sure you get some amazing food, since he sounds like a foodie. This reminds me of something I saw yesterday while walking around Central Park. It looks like the guy had planned a romantic dinner for her because he hired a waiter and ordered a gourmet meal in advance. There they were on top of a small prominence dining on a white table cloth covered table with a white jacketed waiter standing by the service table with the courses sitting on warmers awaiting their turn to be presented. The table was surrounded by flowers.
  14. Wow, I have gone from wishing he had a birthday ages from now to wishing he had several birthdays soon! There are some fantastic ideas here. Thanks to all of you but perhaps especially the amazing Passerby who is such an incredible source of suggestions no matter what the question - I think she deserves a medal! Now my only problem is that I keep almost buying one of these options then changing my mind and switching to the other alternatives . . . .! Will commit tomorrow (or maybe the day after!) - at the moment, it is a dead heat between the classic sports car hire plus picnic and the print of a special place . . . .all late entries welcome though too!