Original Barenia vs New Barenia. The winner is...

  1. OLD!!!! OMG!!!! I am so in love with my "old" barenia 32 hac. NOW, I see what DQ, GF and others were talking about when they gave me advice about how to blend in an oil based stain on my new picotin. It did eventually blend quite well, but took about a month Scratches do not really rub out of it like I expected.

    Now my "secondhand" barenia baby....well, she is AMAZING!!!! Listen to this: Yesterday, as I was getting into my car, I spilled a few drops of coffee on the front of my bag. I FREAKED!!!! I dabbed a little water and rubbed. I waited a minute, and it started to look better. Then...are you ready...the girl at the car wash who didn't speak English came up and tried to rub the bag with an abrasive wet thing!!!!:cursing::wtf::cursing: Again, I freaked! As I gently removed the offending object from my presence, I continued to RUB!!! It got better over the next half hour, but I could still see an outline. I rubbed when ever I could.

    Today...it's ALL GONE!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo: (Yes, I rubbed one out...:rolleyes:)

    OMG!!! What a great invention!!! Hermes should patent this leather!

    Anyone else care to weigh in??
  2. wow that is amazing.

    your story is like the time i had my NEW barenia cape code watch ...which is old barenia....and i had to walk in the rain and there were spots all over it. almost in tears I looked back down. gone.

    so the new barenia doesn't blend? the fauve?
  3. Dude did you seriously just say that?! :lol:
  4. Dude...if I didn't, someone else here would have!
  5. LMAO....is Grands Fonds still about?! Then yes, you're right.
  6. Not anything like the original!
  7. You are really a convert, eh!!!

    its a fabulous leather. I have to work on my whitebus, she is in that awkward phase...maybe I should send her to your carwash, LOL......NOT!!!!

    I am thrilled that you are loving your new bag!!
  8. My barenia Trim is the same, fat thick barenia that rubs away marks like a gem! We compared it to the "new" generation barenia at my store a while ago (the stuff named fauve), and the new felt thinner, and was a ever so slightly lighter shade, and didn't have the red undertones that my old barenia has (or golden undertones?).

    I still love barenia though...old or new. It's like box, we'll just adapt to the newer version! All barenia is fab! Especially that 32 HAC, luv2!!!!!!!!
  9. That's fantastic news, L2SH! I am so glad you are enjoying your bag more and more. Barenia just grows on you as the most perfect leather. BTW, what are you obsessing about these days?

    This may sound silly now, but I hesitated on purchasing my barenia HAC earlier this year. Thank goodness, the ladies here talked some sense into me. Thanks again, Cobalt, GF, Hello and DQ!
  10. ^ hey, I'll enable any H afficionado to buy barenia! But it IS a true natural leather-lovers leather.
  11. :heart::heart: LTC!! so glad you got that HAC!!!
  12. New OR Old, I would happily take any! There is a K stamp available on eBay, Birkin 30cm Natural Pall hardware.x
  13. Dreaded question.......when did Hermes start producing the "new" barenia? K?
  14. *I'm just sitting here quietly absorbing all des fluides of barenia*
    Can't it be that now new barenia will become that old now barenia in time?
  15. The new barenia does the same, too. :smile: I have old and new and both are equally impervious!!! Believe me, they've been tested! ;)