Original Bag Names: Birkin & Kelly

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  1. Here's what I know:

    The Kelly was already an Hermes bag before Princess Grace of Monaco made it popular, and hence was rechristened Kelly.


    According to Birkin legends, the bag was made specially for Jane Birkin after she remarked that it was too cumbersome to work with a Kelly everyday - like in taking things in and out of the bag. The HAC or Haut au Courrois was already existent prior to the Birkin, and obviously the latter is a reworked version of the bigger horseriding accessory bag.


    Does anyone know what name the Kelly had before it became famous from Princess Grace?


    Is the Birkin created and named as a Birkin or is it really just a smaller HAC?
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    ETA: see the thread below, it is different from what I read....

    The Birkin is a Birkin, it is differently inventoried than the HAC, different sizes, etc.