Original Baby Cabas vs. New Baby Cabas

  1. personally, i prefer the original style with the large CC and without the quilting on the bottom. i think that it looks more modern.

    what are your thoughts?
  2. I prefer the new one, only because I'm not crazy about large logos.
  3. Own them both and love them both! :yes:
  4. here's some visuals.

    the first pic is the original and the second is the latest version.
    original.jpg latest.jpg
  5. I really like the newer one.
  6. I like the newer one.
  7. Like the orginal one. If only I can find that in the satin version! :nuts: :love:
  8. They are two completely different bags. The original (as shown in many ads and pic) in the black (not) patent is edgy and trendy. The smaller size in the beautiful leathers (even though smaller still nice size) is still hip but somewhat more conservative but not compared to most Chanels. Does that make sense?
  9. 2much, the pictures i posted are both baby cabas in black caviar leather.;) i'm comparing the earlier season with the later one.
  10. I also like the newer one, I didn't care about the original one at all. I love the new size, the quilting bottom and oh I hate big logos on bag. So the new one is perfect for me!
  11. love the new onee so much ...the size is just right and its trendy but will still be wearable 3 years from now
  12. Ugh, I like the original one better. Hmm, let me guess....(they're not around anymore, right?? Not in stores no more, sold out??) Hmm..

    LOL, ya and even if they were (in stores) it's not as though I've made a decision on which bag I want..LOL I just like to know what my options are I guess.:shame:
  13. I didn't realize it, until I compared the two bags side by side... but I do prefer the original.
  14. yep, you right about that... the originals are sold out!

    hikaru, my first impression is that i like the original. although i'm not a big fan of large logos... this one is done nicely. it kind of blends in and since it slouches is not really all that noticable. i like the clean lines as oppose to the bottom quilting. actually, i already bought the original one. so, now i'm wondering what everyone else thinks of the two styles. i could always get another one in a different color.;)

    i appreciate everyones input. thanks.:love:
  15. I guess I am just so anti-big logo, I still prefer bags without any kind of logos on them. besides I am so short the original size looks ridiculous on me.