"Original art" from online pet photos??

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  1. I can't figure out why I can't add an image.....

    We've all seen that ADORABLE picture of the Corgi sleeping on his back:


    ... get a load of this Etsy "artist" who says this is her ORIGINAL PAINTING:



    Is YOUR pet photo safe????? You should check her listings. :s
  2. well shes not saying that she made up the picture, shes just saying that she painted the original. i dont really see the issue :confused1:
  3. I think what's shocking to me is that dog actually belongs to someone. And the person took a picture - doesn't that automatically create a copyright of some sort? She's putting it into a different medium, but I'm pretty sure it's still don't without permission. It's like, would you want people painting pics of your pets or kids w/o permission, and selling it?

    And she writes "Any and all Imagery by Lyn Hamer Cook and or Ladyartista on this website are fully protected under International Copyright Law." I feel this is contradictory?

    (I'm not trying to start anything - am I really the only one who thinks this is shocking?)
  4. She has a lot of Corgi paintings...could it be one of her dogs that was in the photo?
    Do we know who created the "original" image?
  5. it depends. maybe the artist obtained the proper permissions to paint from a photo, or maybe they're her own dogs. she also could have purchased royalty-free photos and painted from that. in which case, once you purchase the photo, it's yours to do as you wish.

    read this article:

    Can I Make a Painting of a Photograph?
  6. My Mom is an artist, she once asked a guy if it was OK for her to paint one of his original photos, he said that she does not need to ask permission if she is painting it, copyright laws only cover the actual copying of the original photo.

    Im not sure how true that was, but he was a photographer, so I assume he knew what he was talking about.
  7. well she did say it's from her original painting, not from the original picture. so she made a painting from the photo, which does make it her original painting. she's not saying that the photo was originally hers.

    and her copyright statement is just saying that she doesn't want anyone using the image of her painting.
  8. i honestly think it's a gray area, to be honest.

    i, too, am an artist and do the majority of my work from photos, but i have always read and heard that as long as you thwart the original concept, you're ok. but then when i saw that article, who knows? :shrugs:

    maybe it just depends on whether or not the original photographer found out that you painted a portrait from their photo or whatever and wanted to take you to court over it, then perhaps that's a whole different ballgame entirely.

    i have always read/heard that when you put something on the internet, it is out there for the world to grab, if you will. i guess that's why it's imperative to add your own name/logo/copyright to your photos before posting on the internet.

    i imagine this is open for discussion and definitely a gray area with what's right and what's actuality.
  9. exactly!