Original 2.55

  1. Hi hi... I think I have gotten a vintage original 2.55 with lambskin leather and mademoseille clasp and chain strap... but I am not sure if there is any pics on this forum. Can someone show me? Thanks soooo much...
    What is the diff between original and reissue?
  2. I have a pic. Do you want to post yours first?
  3. Hello there.. do post yours first :smile: Havent taken mine yet
  4. There are tons of pics in the reference thread
  5. Hi hi, I would like the original vintage 2.55 and not classic or reissue. Thanks :smile:
  6. Here is a picture of the original Chanel handbag released in Feb 1955. This is a museum piece kept by Chanel. :drool:

    Chanel has copyright to the picture.
    Chanel Original 255018a.jpg
  7. Thank you sooo much Miffy.. Mine is 225 size, lambskin leather wth chain strap... the seller said it's vintage... inside is like the reissue... can someone kindly educate me if there is such bag? Its well used but taken v good care of....
  8. I would try to get a picture and post in the authenticate this section of this forum.