Origin make up

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  1. Hi ... Any1 has try Origin makeup before ? I like to try their powder ... or any from the line ... thank's bunch
  2. I love their body scrubs and LOVE their mascara, Lash Story I think it is{?}
  3. thank u Swanky :smile:
  4. their lip gloss is to die, so moisturizing and best taste/smell ever!! i love them. the powder i didnt love as much as i do my smashbox, and their foundation I think is too sheer for me.
  5. Their eyeshadows are nice, they stay on and don't budge. I also dig their kohl eyeliners.

    I tried their bronzer and while I like that its light and you would really need to layer a bunch of times to overdo it, I ended up hating it because I sprayed my perfume after bronzing my neck and the whole thing just bled on my white shirt. If you get caught in the rain, same thing happens!
  6. I have foundation, I bought it at a cosmetics outlet. I normally wear Clinique, just b/c it stays and does not get really greasy (combination skin). I am not a fan of the foundation. I'll use it up, but I would not buy it again.
  7. thank u every1 :smile: