Origanal coco cabas

  1. Hi wanted to know if anyone knows where I might find the origanal coco cabas I am in LOVE with it !!!!! but not on e bay :heart: Thanks xxS:heart:
  2. Do you have an SA you could call? It is amazing what they can find for you.
  3. I have called everywhere and I have 2 great sa ....I got a look at it 2 late
    now I get on wait list 2 mothes before when I see something I think is cute I learned my lesson the hard way. I see them on e bay but I am 2 scared I will get a fake xxS
  4. I am looking for this bag too, I emailed Chanel and asked if they are going to be available again and they said since this style was not part of the permanant Chanel collection,the bag is no longer available for purchase in US Chanel boutiques. The handbag was introduced in Fall 2006 and at this time will not be re offered. I think eBay is the only way to get it. I'm so sad!!!!
  5. would you ever order it off eBay ? I did once and it ended up being fake and the person changed their name and I was stuck I was so upset
  6. I think I am going to get mine from eBay,that is the only place to get it. I know Chanel pretty well so I can tell the fakes. I only buy from sellers who good feedback and have sold other authentic handbags.If they have no feedback they are most likely selling a fake bag or they stole the pictures from other peoples auctions. You have to be very careful and do a little research before bidding.
  7. can you recomend anyone ?? xxS