Origan City on eBay no reserve

  1. that's a steel, i love mine!
  2. wow! I am going to bid if this is authentic for sure! I am a newbie so I cannot tell. I am assuming that since you posted it that it is authentic but I just wanted to make 1000% sure before I bid. Thanks!
  3. I would ask for more pics, some close up ones of the bales, tag (front and back) etc.
  4. Wow that looks gd.
  5. It looks authentic. I watch ebay all the time, and no one has had a fake with the new leather look.
    I may bid too.:suspiciou
  6. I saw this one earlier--do you really think it's authentic? I thought the ex-fiance story sounded sort of fishy...
  7. I'm thinking of bidding on this one. I'll ask for more pics.
  8. I don't know - the ex-fiance story sounds like they're trying to hard for giving a reason for unloading the bag. It would concern me if I were a bidder...

    Also the bag looks a little "stiff" for an authentic b-bag? I could be wrong though..
  9. Looks good to me, but agree with above, get more pictures of tag (front and back) and bales. The bales look rounded in one of the pics, but a close up would be great. Good luck!
  10. Wow, welcome and GREAT pickup! Thanks lovensoarkle
  11. First of all, isn't it a bit dark for an origan? The one I was looking to purchase was much lighter. And then I have unfortunately to disagree with Winona77: there are superfakes on Ebay with the new leather. Watch out especially for those that are sold from Italy. I picked up one last year and it turned out to be a supersupersuperfake. And it was black new leather (knockoff).
  12. Too disgusting for words.