Origami wallet. Reviews?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been looking at the origami wallet and wonder what you think of it? For those of you who have had and those who currently have it I ask what are your positives and negatives about it? Do you have any other lv wallets? If so how do they compare? (I currently own a zcw)
  2. I saw a yt review couple of weeks back
  3. I just bought the smaller one in Mono, hoping this thread gets some posts ;)
  4. I have the small one in DE and use it for travel. It holds a lot and fits in most bags, even in my Eva. I really like it.
  5. I have a small one that I bought to use with small handbags. Love it! I looked everywhere for a compact wallet with a coin compartment that I could get in and out of with the speed you need in NYC shopping lines. (Here we have no patience for people who hold up lines because they can't get their change into their wallets quickly.) The small origami perfectly marries artful design and functionality.
  6. I actually sold my DE origami compact and replaced it with the Marie-lou compact in piment. It's TDF!!!
  7. I'm considering this too! Anyone have pics to post with the compartments? Hard to tell from the online pics. TIA!
  8. I have the long origami in DE. It is beautiful, but my LEAST favorite wallet. My cards wiggle up all the time. None have ever fallen out, but I constantly have to push them down an inch every time I open the wallet. I usually only carry it for about a week or 2 over the year. I wish I had thought it through more. I will never sell it, but I would never recommend it. I also have the Alexandra (love), zippy (love), and cureiuse (super love).