Origami flowers

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  1. I'd seen these in Venice and loved them.
    I've been waiting for the cream one for a while as it's bee sold out, but my fantastic CA managed to source one for me.
    I actually only ordered 3 (cream/white/yellow) so two of the yellow will be going back :0(
    I'm planning on also getting the pastel pink and pastel blue to go with them! (Sorry the picture is a bit rubbish - it's so dark here today. They are genuinely really, really pretty!!)
    origami flowers.jpg
  2. Congrats, very unique!
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  3. They are very nice. Now you need to add the Objets Nomades furniture. :biggrin:
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  4. Oh you're absolutely right!!

    I had a swing on the 65k egg chair in store - I would if I could!!
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  5. Very pretty!
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  6. Beautiful selection!. Have mine on my desk since purchase. (Light blue, white, yellow)
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  7. So pretty. Congrats Kathleen.
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