Oriental Trading Company rocks!

  1. So, now that I have booked my kid's birthday party (thanks ladies! Oh-and Prada? I will be expecting that money order by next week), I had to go and buy goodie bag stuff. I decided not to be stupid like last year (last year, we invited 26 kids to his party and I bought all the goodie bag stuff at small local store-it cost a small fortune!).

    I just went to oriental trading company online here and got great deals! Got 24 goodie bags already filled, 24 Spongebob invitations and a Spongebob Happy Birthday banner all for $47.55 shipping included! I couldn't believe it! WooHoo! Considering the ice skating party is costing us $300 and we still have to provide the cake, paper goods, etc.-I am looking for bargains wherever I can.
  2. Woohoo! I love Oriental Trading's catalogs. They're great for good bag favors.
  3. Ditto!
  4. ^They usually give free shipping for orders over 60 dollars too..I usually buy a couple holidays worth of junk to make that minmum!
  5. Yes, they do have great treats for kids! I'm potty training my youngest so I bought several different bags of trinkets from them & put them all in a "Treat Bowl". When my little guy goes potty, he gets to pick something out. Worked like a charm!
  6. I used them all the time when I was a RA in college.
  7. I love them. I used to want all the hawaiian themed stuff for my room, but then I decided that might be tacky.
  8. Yeah oriental trading is great! I also like Partypalooza.com. They have pre-made goody bags and the stuff is great!
  9. I love OTC. I am a kindergarten teacher and all my prize jar fodder is ordered there.
  10. ****** had double percent today

    only thing i don't like about the otc is the shipping is crazy expensive