Oriental gals with blonde hair? yes or no?

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  1. What do you think of oriental gals with blonde hair? Initially, i thought it looks really strange given that it is so different from the natural hair color, and I have seen some hair disasters on the streets, but after a friend showed me picts of this japanese singer, Ayumi, i think she is gorgeous with blonde hair and actually look really good! i suppose it's pretty fun to experiement with something so dramatic to your look!

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  2. It's a yes. I don't personally want mine to be blonde but I've seen alot of Asian women who looks good with blonde hair.

    FYI: We prefer to be called Asian...not Oriental ;)
  3. I would advise any of the roughly 86% of earth residents who have black hair, Asian or not, to have some frank discussion with their stylist before commiting such an extreme bleaching operation.

    If you have black hair and would also look good with colored hair, consider a faux solution.

    Or consider waiting. Eventually almost everybody gets to have any color hair we want, without bleaching it. ;)

    Edit to note that many of us, Asians and otherwise, prefer to be called ladies, women, or when we are very young, girls, not "gals."

  4. yes, i know.. apologies, it's just that in London and the UK in general, Asians usually mean South Asians (from India, Pakistan etc) , so I tend to refer to Oriental or the Far East if I mean Chinese/korean/jap etc :smile: No offense meant!
  5. Those girls in the picture can pull it off but IMO, from what I've seen, blonde hair looks too unnatural on asian women and majority of the time, the blonde is so fried and brittle, its scary.
  6. Yeah, I think blonde hair on Asians is a bit unsettling, and looks kind of strange. In my personal opinion, pretty and shiny/healthy Asian black hair is something unique to Asian girls and we should embrace it :P
  7. I think it only looks good if you're in the entertainment business/ J-dramas or in a magazine.. or if you live in Japan -then you'd just blend in with the rest of the trendy girls there. Blond hair on Asians seem too extreme anywhere else outside of Asia. Personally, the lightest hair colour I'd go for is medium brown. Love brown shades on Asians.
  8. Ayumi definitely looks good!

    However, some of my friends have gone for this look, and it KILLS your hair long-term, I'm serious. Blonde hair doesn't look good if a lot of it falls out, sadly.
  9. If you can pull it off, why not? Like what I mentioned in my previous post, I've seen alot of Asian women who looks good with blonde hair. Proper maintenance is a must, of course. No one looks good walking around with fried and brittle hair, right?

    I once dyed my hair blonde:shame: My mom hated it!!! hahahahha

  10. True!! I had to wait for 2 years until I saw my healthy hair back.
  11. Sorry to be off topic, I found this in Google Answers about whether or not the term Oriental is politically correct.. I always wondered about this.

  12. I do not like Asian girls with blonde hair! I've seen tooooo many tragedies on pretty girls. My stylist gave me blonde highlights once and I was like...O___O!!!
  13. I think some girls can pull it off, but it does look a bit thin & fried..
  14. I want to share some pics of Asian women who have blonde hair and IMO, i think they look great with it!

    And I absoultely LOVE the look, but its not for me.

    I'll post some up in a few mins..
  15. [​IMG]



    I think their blonde looks great of them. They pull it off well IMO..


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