ORIENT...you complete me...

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  1. I asked a few TPF member about which material for the cosmetic pouch. I was leaning toward the Empreinte but had only seen one other reveal...

    Let's not draw this out...the Orient Empreinte cosmetic pouch!

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  2. Love it!
  3. I bow down to all you lovelies that own an Empreinte bag, the leather is unbelievable! :worthy:

    I think a co-worker caught me smelling it today while at my desk! :nuts:

    I will post other pics of her with other bags in a moment!
  4. Here she is with my Soufflot! She is divine with black Epi...she looks gorgeous inside also...

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  5. LOVE the Orient! Congrat!! I have the orient zcp, brings a smile to my face every time I see it in my bag :smile:
  6. :lolots: That's too funny! Your cosmetic pouch is gorgeous, just beautiful in Orient. Congrats!
  7. Perfect!! Carry it in good health :smile:
  8. Awesome❤️❤️❤️
  9. And here she is with monogram...

    Someone did say it best when they said Pomme is lovely with DE and orange is gorgeous with the monogram...you were correct!

    I am lucky enough to add the Empreinte to my collection so now I have DE, DA, Mono, Epi, Vernis and this beauty!

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  10. SOOOO PRETTY!!! LoVe it! The empreinte leather is amazing ~ so durable and smells divine. This item is on my wish list too.... I was wondering how it looks to coordinate with the Pomme Vernis. I thought I remembered that you had the cles. I have the Sarah wallet in Pomme and am considering the cosmetic case.... TIA.:smile:
  11. love the color very pretty never seen in person is this more of an orange or red
  12. Orient is so pretty, congrats!
  13. Do you want a photo of the girls posing next to each other?
  14. I say more orange than red...the first pic really does capture the true color!
  15. So nice, congrats! :biggrin: