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  1. Hello everyone,

    Thanks to @Sweet Fire, I recently tried the Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil and loved it. I became more curious about the brand and also purchased the Glaze for Beautiful Color. Unfortunately, that product didn't make a difference in my hair, so I ended up exchanging it for the Supershine Moisturizing Cream. I am now absolutely in love! :love: It works so beautifully for my air-dried hair. My hair is smooth, soft, shiny, and all of the frizz is gone! Does anyone have any experiences or product recommendations that you would like to share?

    For reference, my hair is a couple of inches past my collarbone (and still growing), platinum, and very thirsty.
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  2. I've been looking at this brand for a while. I've been using kerastase which I love but I still have the itch to try other brands. I however have a very sensitive scalp, a lot of things cause my scalp to break out or are way too overly scented my allergies act up. I however don't have a salon near me check it out IRL, so I'd either have to buy online or drive really far away. I'd like to hear more feedback from other users. My hair length is mid back, not really thick but dense if you look at my hair it's fine I just have a lot of it, and my hair is kind of half straight half wavy more straight in the front and wavy in the back.

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    I use the Gold Lust shampoo, Signature mask, Gold Lust oil, and Curl Gloss Hydration. My hair loves Oribe!
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  4. The idea of the supershine moisturizing cream sounds good as I am always looking for something
    to help with frizz.. I'm a kerastase user in that area
  5. The supershine moisturizing cream is very popular and they have a light version too which is the one I use on my blowed out hair.
  6. Do you have a Neiman Marcus nearby? You could also order online and return if the products don't work out for you.
  7. I really want to try the Gold Lust Transformative Masque! :P
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  8. I think that you should give it a try. I am a big Kerastase lover myself and am really impressed with this cream. Today, I just woke up and applied a little bit of the oil. My hair looks very shiny and frizz-free. It really brings life to my hair.
  9. Not really the closest one is a hour away. Maybe the next time I'm downtown shopping I'll stop by one. Thier website is where I found out about the brand.
  10. Oh! I see! You can make a day out of it! :P
  11. Give it a try! A lot of the components of the mask are an extension of the oil so your hair will probably love it.
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  12. Thanks for the push! I will pick one up the next time I go shopping! :no:
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  13. I just love Oribe products!
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  14. I bought a trial size to see if the results for me are as good as they are for all of you!!
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  15. I hope they work out for you or at least you find one product you love!
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