Organs for sale: what do you think?

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  1. Personally I think that if I am ever really desperate for $$ and can find a buyer, I would not have a problem selling one of my kidneys. I mean, why not? I am unclear on why some folks find this unethical or morally outrageous or whatever. True, it means that rich people are going to get their transplants "ahead" of the people who have to wait on a list, but on the other hand cadaveric organs will be more readily available once the rich people are taken off the lists, KWIM? And saying (as I have heard it argued) that the best way to "stop" the organ "black market" is for everyone to become organ donors is weak, because those organs still aren't available until someone dies, and besides not all donor organs are usable. I should know, I am a transplant nurse and I can't tell you how many patients we've pre-op'ed only to send home untransplanted because the organ was no good due to infection or fatty infiltrate or long delay between the "death" of the donor and the procurement of the organs, etc etc. Plus who wants to wait around for an organ, meanwhile being on dialysis 3 times a week or whatever and getting sicker and sicker? So if you could go online and "buy" or "sell" an organ--say a kidney or a section of liver or a lung--would you?
  2. ^^Wow ur brave! I wouldn't sell one of my kidneys for any price, what if I needed it later on in life?
  3. Unfortunately I agree with joolluver. I would like to keep both kidneys in case I needed one in the future...but at the same time selfishly wish to be able to find a donor kidney if I needed one! If it were my one and true love about to die I'd think about giving them my kidney. If the system were possible I wouldn't be against it (of course you'd have to check for diseases etc) as I believe there are many people who would get desperate enough to do it. I know this isn't a good comparison, but people offer their body for medical trials with monetary compensation. I would never do this for a few grand, but then again some people do. And again, I would agree with the system because I am selfish and would want an organ to be available within reasonable time of when I wanted it. That is my honest opinion. But I really congratulate you for your beliefs and decision. It must be difficult seeing these people who could so easily recover if only they had an organ. You are very kind, I don't think I could cope with that environment.
  4. I'm fond of keeping all my body parts just where they are. Plus, all surgeries come with a risk, so having a surgery for $$$ just seems to be tempting fate in my opinion.

    I don't think body parts should be for sale. It's one thing for me to donate a kidney to a relative, but if you can get big $$$ for a body part what's to stop someone from forcing a son, daughter, husband, wife, etc. into selling theirs?
  5. I don't think I will. I'll save it for myself, or a close relative.

    However this practice widely occurs in Sotu Asian countries. There has been widely documented evidence of it happening in South Inidia where the price of a kidney is about $350.
  6. Donate, maybe. Sell, no way. The middle man would make so much money off of your organ. If you really want to save someone, donate it.
  7. Do you mean you would sell your organ on the black market to whoever would pay for it?

    There's no way I would do that! Donating it after you die is one thing, but why would you ever put yourself at risk...I mean its just a bit sketchy. lol like others have said, what if you need it later in life? then you're kinda screwed.

    I do think in a way its unfortunate that you cannot give an organ to a family member, and that it must go to the person who needs it most.
  8. I am selfish I'd keep it for me or a family member if my husband needed a kidney tough sh!t my son or daughter, yes. Plus, I would probably not get what I want for it! I think I am worth SO much!:p
  9. :lol: ^^ If a family member needed it and we matched, I would donate it to them. I would not sell anything to make extra cash. I like them where they are, too.

  10. :wtf: $350 - no way
  11. You can live with one kidney. Just as you can live with one lung or a piece of liver.

    But I get what you're saying.
  12. I'm an organ donor, but while I'm living, I'd save them for a family member. I already know my dad's the same blood type as me.
  13. I think that very noble...

    No one is buying a kidney from you unless it's their last hope.

    You're saving a life....
  14. ^^ Good point.

    Right now, they're reserved for family members that might need them. But that's not to say I wouldn't possibly consider it if someone asked.
  15. Even though my SO is waiting for a kidney transplant..I am against the idea of buying/selling body organs.

    If someone is willing to give up a kidney for someone else, it should be donated. If I could donate a kidney (or bone marrow) and save someone's life, I would do it gladly and not selfishly for money.