Organizing your Chloe

  1. The weather outside is I am staying inside to organize and play with my new bags. Fun!
    In another thread, DesignerElla mentioned she uses a PurseBrite, made me wonder how others organize and keep their Chloes's under control :confused1:.

    Please post your tips!
  2. FUN!

    I love playing with my bags and shoes :love:

    Unfortunately my Chloes get hidden away (after being stuffed with paper and placed in their little dustbags) in a cupboard. I need a walk in closet so badly!!
  3. what's purse brite? sounds like something I might be interested in...

    Looks great for those who change bags often. I don't know if I would keep up with it though.
  5. My mom has a purse brite and I think it wouldn't work with paddys, it might work with bigger styles but propably not with regular satchel..? I have never tried but it looks to me it would at least make the shape of the paddy look weird...? My mom uses it with her fendi spy and lv speedy and with them it works great:yes:
    I always have troubles to find anything inside my paddys but I'm used to it:p
  7. LOL I guess I'm disorganized because I've never thought about a purseket or anything to keep things in my bag organized. I usually just dig for whatever it is I'm looking for :p But I do keep my super-small items (chapstick, lip gloss, travel brush, pen, etc) in an LV cerises pochette inside my bag. The only thing I get frustrated with looking for is my cell phone :cursing: That is why I commend Chloe for putting cell phone pockets in the paddy and silverado :nuts: Love that!
  8. What size purseket should I get for a paddy?
  9. That pursebrite organizer is too cool! It's so convenient! I only use really small purses or my big Edith Hobo so I don't think it's work for me. But whenever I get around to buying a mid-size bag I'll definitely get one.
  10. I've been using a purse bright with my paddys for some time. It makes it much easier to find things. Someone mentioned that it might make the shape look weird. Once the pbright is broken in, it doesn't push out on the bag so much. It does make is stand up nicely, and the lock doesn't slouch as much. I highly recommend one. I got mine pretty cheap at $10. Didn't break the bank if it didn't work out.
    One note. I have yet to use the light. Also, you can only put one or two things in each pocket of the organizer. So if you have a ton of stuff, it might not work.
    This is what I have in mine.
    address book
    hand lotion
    extra vehicle key
    large pill box
    nail file
    That leaves room in the middle of my paddy for my large wallet, check book and Gucci sunglasses in their case.