Organizing your bags- so many choices!

  1. I did a search- wow, so many choices! Purseket to Chamelon to JoeyJunior. Do you really use these organiziers? I'm very curious!

  2. I've never heard of Chamelon or joeyjunior...what are they?
  3. That's pretty I'll have my makeup bag in a bag in my bag!!!!
    Not an invention I'll be likely using....bag is heavy enough as it is..
  4. The Chameleon looks promising...I will probably need something when I get my Anna Corinna drawstring hobo (that has no pockets). Don't be confused, I'm also waiting for the mini city tote.... Yes, I'm hopeless! Anyway, thanks for the links.
  5. I love my Chameleon Insert! Actually, I have one of each size, but pretty much only use the small one at this point. At first, I liked medium the best, but the small one fits everything I need, leaves a little room to spare in most of my bags so I can tuck other things along the sides and is low enough that I can see/find things quickly. The walls on the medium and large are just too high for my comfort.

    I also have two Joey Jrs (the regular and the drop in). These are almost exactly like the Purseket. They're ok, but I don't like the way the regular one tips over in some of my bags and the drop in really doesn't fit that much. I also don't like how the regular one kind of pushes out the sides of my bags.

    P.S. cgsprings...I ordered an AC mini tote too! Should get in on Thursday. It'll be the pearl color. But I want the tan one too if it ever comes back in stock anywhere. Guess I'll just be hopeless with you. :p
  6. Halocom- wow, you're the person to go to, clearly!

    Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Here's a photo of my chameleon insert fully loaded (well, almost. I usually put my sunglasses in the empty pocket on the right side, but I can't find them right now :smile:.

    I didn't unpack it, but it's holding:
    - wallet
    - makeup case (concealer, lash curler, bandaids, retractable brush, nail file, concealer brush, brow comb, tooth brush and hair elastics)
    - hair brush
    - hand lotion
    - sunscreen
    - eye drops
    - spare "ez bag"
    - notebook
    - datebook
    - two pens
    - kleenex
    - lip balm
    - blotting papers
    - hand wipes
    - stain wipes
    - gum
    - sunglass cloth
    - powder compact

    Whew! No wonder my bag is so heavy! There's two more pen slots and I'll usually tuck whichever lipgloss I'm wearing that day into them.

    I'm a huge fan of this thing. I just pull it out of one bag, pop it into another and I'm done. Most of my bags have outside pockets, so that's where my cell phone and metro card go. I hardly ever forget to bring something now and can remember which pocket holds what so I don't dig around forever. Massive love from this neat freak.
  8. Thanks so much for the pics of it loaded. I HAVE to get one! Is the one you showed a small? What a great idea. I saw the Mini City in butterscotch being offered on one of the websites tonight and when I saw this posting, I tried to go back and find it but I just can't remember which one it was. If I find it again, I will post it. I am looking.....
  9. halocom: I found the site but I have to say, I found it by googling and have absolutely no idea about this site, the authenticity or reliability of it. Good luck!
  10. halocon: I just ordered it and in the same hot pink that you have!!! It looks wonderful and I thank you.
  11. cgsprings, you're the best! Thanks for the link. I've actually been to their B&M store before, so they're legit. I hope you like your chameleon as much as I do mine...let me know how it works when you get it! Gotta love the pink!
  12. Oh this is cool! Thanks for the info! I might get one as well because I usually end up a MESSY handbag everyday!
  13. I just ordered a small chamelon in hot pink!

    Halocom, I was also considering a mini city in butterscotch. I did find it being sold at a few online sites- I posted them somewhere on here.