Organizing recipes?

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  1. I recently moved in to my new condo, and as a result had to fend for myself in a strange and unfamiliar environment...the kitchen. :nuts: Online recipe sites are super sources of great meals, most of them easy enough for me to cook, and I'd love a way of organizing all my favourite recipes that I tweaked into something functional, and aesthetically pleasing! I was thinking some sort of a binder, or even a program on the computer, whatever works and is convenient.
    Please show me how all you lovely ladies organize your recipes!!
  2. I keep my recipes together in a low-tech kind of way ...

    I print them out and put them in a 3-ring binder. I divide them into categories. Like Beef, Chicken, Fish, Salad, Cake, Pie, Cookies, Pasta, Vegetables, etc. Works great!
  3. If you find a program please tell me! I've just been printing mine out or bookmarking them.

    I've been meaning to order a Tastebook: but I've been a bit lazy. I love how everything looks so organized and professional.
  4. I too use a binder and it is organized by different sections such as appetizers, side dishes etc. You can buy these at a bookstore or make your own. Every time I get a recipe I like, I make sure to stick it in to the correct section. It is a lot easier than keeping them in a box or a little filing system. I think I need to get a new one because mine is overflowing!
  5. nothing on paper .. memorized
  6. I keep mine in a binder, but I use those plastic page protectors to keep the recipes from getting wet/dirty.
  7. binder...
  8. I guess I'll be making a trip down to the supplies store soon for a binder! And I LOVE the tastebooks, they look so nice and elegant! I think i'll definitely keep those in mind for when I have a solid collection of recipes.
  9. I really like the Gibson Binders with plastic sleeves. I have a couple sizes so one is large enough to hold printouts from my comp. If it becomes a family fav...then I transfer to a card.

    One has 4 x 6 cards and one has 5 x 7 cards. The binders hold up well and are attractive too!
  10. I usually just copy and paste into an email that I send to myself. That way I can search for it whenever I need it.
  11. I typically simply reorder into an email that I send to myself. That way I can look for it at whatever point I require it. A-1 Spices