Organizing my purse...

  1. What would be an ideal item to keep inside my Speedy 30 to hold miscellaneous small items (lipstick, change, business cards, store receipts, etc...)? Any suggestions?
  2. I use the Damier make-up pouch for my makeup, advil, mirror, etc. It holds quite alot! Pic below.

    My other suggestion is a mini Pochette

  3. What about a mongram canvas pochette cosmetique :idea:
  4. I use the med. chamelion purse insert. I keep it filled and just lift it from one purse to the other. It is lightweight, makes changing purses easy and it has a ton of pockets and compartments (omg, I sound like a commercial....:roflmfao::roflmfao:). I think the one I have is the extra sturdy but they have a website where can you can look at the different models.
  5. What about a WAPITY?
  6. ^^^^^^^^

    Wapity Case $290 USD
  7. I use the Damier Mini Accessories pouch ... it's perfect for those little miscellaneous things. I posted pics in one of the threads once of how much I could fit into it ... it's holds a lot and yet doesn't seem overly large.
  8. I just found the pics on my HD ... this is the Mini Accessories Pouch and how much I am able to put in it ...
    mini_inside.jpg mini_outside.jpg
  9. Maybe the cosmetique or a pochette the mini one?
  10. The pochette accessories is AWSOME in my 30. I can fit everything in it, I can attach it to the D ring, and I can dump it out and carry it as a little evening purse. Best thing hands down!
  11. ^^^^^^^^

    Ziplock Bag 7¢ USD
  12. :cursing:
  13. Lol
  14. Wow, I am liking that mini accessories pouch..does it come in the both Damier ebony and mono?

    All of the pics look great, thanks guys! I might be heading to LV after Thanksgiving!