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Aug 17, 2015
I am re-arranging all the cabinets in my house now because I am sure that there are tons of things in them that have either exceeded their expiry date or are on my not-using list now. I am also planning to arrange the cabinets in such a way that it will be easier to access the things. Like keeping the things I use daily in front and the other at the back. Now I am organizing the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Since it's not something I use daily I am not sure how to arrange this. I did read a couple of blogs about it but I am still tad a bit confused.
Do you have any tips to suggest for organizing medicine cabinets? if yes, do share.
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Do you have any tips to suggest for organizing medicine cabinets? if yes, do share.
I keep a First Aid kit at hands in the kitchen. It contains all I need when I burn skin or bleed. Every household member knows where to find it.
I store all my medicine in a plastic box in drawer in the bed room. In the past I needed 2 boxes, now I shrinked to 1 (healthier than ever :smile:
If you use shelves, I would built "focus groups" so you know where to find what.
Mine used to be:
# infections (herpes-treatment, fever, flue+headaches, active coal, thermometer)
# physical treatments (sore back, muscle pain etc)
# migraine (sickness, headache)



Jan 20, 2012
I just keep daily and emergency stuff in the medicine cabinet. The infrequently used stuff goes in a closet.

Mostly I keep daily creams, deodorant, some hair care and tooth care easily accessible. Bandaids and neosporin in the top right corner. Dog shampoo is in there for emergency dirty dog baths. Makeup is in a portable organizer stored in a separate place. Basically the medicine cabinet contains what I need when I get out of the shower.

I should make space to put my clarisonic in there. Thanks for the reminder. There are things I rarely use that I could move out of there. I have a supply shelf in a linen closet that contains whatever I might need and refills. If I were on meds, I would keep any ingestibles in the kitchen.