Organizing and Storing Your Hermes Goodies

  1. How do you do it? I know there was a great organizing your scarves thread, but how about the other H-items (bracelets, accessories, bags)? Bagmate & Chameleon work well for me in organizing my bag, but things are a bit chaotic here right now in the closet and accessories department for me.

    I ventured out to Storeables earlier this week and came home with a bracelet holder for the enamels (the Horn Ano cuffs do not fit on this sadly), and a small clear jewelry box for the bag accessories (never in a million years would I have thought that I'd need a box for bag "jewelry.") I also found a linen sweater box that fits my 30cm Birkin perfectly.

    Will post pix in a bit...but I know we have some really organized TPFers here and would love to hear how you all do it!
  2. Before I run out the door just wanted to post quickly but thanks to a wise PF'r in the scarf thread, I bought some large clear plastic "envelopes" with zip-lock tops from my local stationary store which I store my new scarves in. One scarf per envelope and then these get stacked inside my armoire. Works really well. I do have to say that the vintage ones live inside H scarf boxes with a tag on the front with name, date of issue and designer. These are also stacked one on top of the other inside the armoire. Kinda anal about my vintage babies......

    I'd love to hear more about storage too.....
  3. I have no answers but have to say I've wanted to start this same post! Especially with the bracelets (which I seem to keep acquiring lol!)...anyone have suggestions??
  4. For the bracelets (if I had more than one!) I think it would be neat to make a holder just like they have at H like a wooden dowel with a support on either side. Wouldn't be too difficult to make and then you could see them all the time. :graucho:
  5. I have a great rack for my bracelets. They numerous versions of this at Ebay - look under Jewelry / Boxes & Supplies / bracelet stand
    Here is a great example 220049630717
  6. OH, that is way better than the lucite one I bought. I love the fact that it's velvet so I don't have to worry about just sliding it on there. Thanks for posting that! I'll post a pic of mine in a bit.
  7. Great idea!
  8. Okay, here are pix of how I'm storing my bracelets and my bag charms; I have my eye on a Lingerie Chest from Drexel and hope to store these all in there. Right now everything's on a shelf in my closet.
    CIMG1649.jpg CIMG1650.jpg
  9. The triple rack stands are great - the eye candy effect is the best ! This one is at Ebay
  10. Going there right now MT--thanks!
  11. Orchids - love how you are storing your bag "jewelry."
    Where did you find the lucite box?
  12. Thanks Sus! I found the lucite box at Storeables--I chose this one because it has that black foam lining for the drawers.
  13. Thanks Orchids - it shows up your bag jewelry splendidly. I can't wait to use my Santa key chain, can you?
  14. Wow that's neat, Orchids.
  15. Thanks Sus, and Queenie. The snowman charm is one of my favorites...can't wait to break him out! Now I know there are more ladies and gents on TPF waaaay more organized than I am....