Organizing a Large Bag


Nov 5, 2006
I'm still on the fence between the Babylone, Cabas Mezzo, Vavin GM or Vernis Brentwood. They're all big deep bags.

Question - Without a lot of pockets inside (I think the CM has only one) how do you find your keys? Or other stuff that needs to be handy, for me reading glasses and lip gloss.

Is there a secret to organizing your bag?


Jan 20, 2007
My only secert isn't really a secret around here...I have seen many doing the same as me.
I use accessory/makeup cases for almost everything. My keys are on a cles, and I can usually find them by just sticking my hand in my bag. I keep all makeup and the very important lip gloss in a makeup case, my fairly large wallet contains my cash, change, cards and receipts very nicely. My phone always goes in the interior pocket so I can access it quickly. Sun glasses in their own case. When I carry a large bag I always use a pochette inside for other essential items that I need to keep neat and assessable (pens, mints, notebook, ipod etc). This only works if you return the items to their proper place though! It took me time to stay organized, but its worth it to be able to find stuff!

Bag Fetish

Iphone Addict!
Mar 28, 2006
if you have a deep bag your best bet is the purseket, it has several pocket so smaller items can go in there :smile:

here is large purseket in the BH

also if you click the link in my sig it will take you to a thread with more pic's of the purseket in other bags.

cherry pie

Jan 13, 2007
iv just got my cles wallet and pochette in my bag to keep everything organised and the D ring is so useful to hook things on to (not sure if the bags your thinking about have a D ring though). if i didnt have a pochette or another makeup bag in my speedy id spend all day with my head in my bag looking for things.